Fake Steve Jobs: YOU'RE Irresponsible and Pointless

Consider this fact: AT&T, a huge wireless provider in the United States, cannot reliably connect calls in New York City. [Fake Steve] » 12/16/09 3:18am 12/16/09 3:18am

Fake Steve: A not-so-brief chat with Randall Stephenson of AT&T

So we set up a call with Randall this morning to discuss some of the profoundly stupid things his Ralph de la Vega said recently about creating incentives that would encourage people to stop using AT&T's data network so much. Point of the talk was, when you're lucky enough to create a smash hit product - when the… » 12/11/09 5:48pm 12/11/09 5:48pm

Fake Steve: In case you’re wondering why I’ve never been caught in one…

Because you must be wondering that, right? I mean I'm rich. I'm famous. People worship me. Plus, I can hypnotize people pretty much at will. And, let's be honest, when you put me next to Larry, and Eric, and even Bill Clinton, or really almost anyone, well, I'm a lot better looking. » 12/02/09 6:46pm 12/02/09 6:46pm

Why the mainstream media is dying

Every once in a while you get to see a mainstream outlet cover a story right alongside a blog, so you can put them up against each other and see why one was so much better than the other. » 11/08/09 2:55pm 11/08/09 2:55pm

Why IBM is in trouble with the antitrust police

Of course Microsoft is behind this government inquiry into IBM over antitrust issues. Ballmer is going nuts because he wants to own the glass house and for years he's tried and failed to pry customers away from those fugly old mainframes. [FakeSteveJobs] » 10/09/09 3:19pm 10/09/09 3:19pm

Dear U.S. Chamber of Commerce: You are totally full of sh*t...

We quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because they're imbeciles about climate change. But then, in an incredibly brazen move, the head of the Chamber fired back at me yesterday. » 10/08/09 12:19pm 10/08/09 12:19pm

Fake Steve Jobs: The real reason why we finally put MMS in the iPhone

This angry black man put out a video last fall threatening my life, and I have to tell you, it kind of scared me. He even has a Web site called "I want to smack Steve Jobs in the face. [Fake Steve Jobs] » 9/04/09 10:15am 9/04/09 10:15am